Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hope is peaking through

AF arrived today and with it brought hope, I feel it fighting its way through the fear.  It hit me that this little embryo deserves me to believe in it just the way I did the other four, for my body to welcome it and love it. This embryo could very well be our take home baby, I already know what my edd would be, I already know the place we would announce to the hubby's family and how/when we would plan a trip home to surprise my grandma, yes I have plans for this little one so as of Thursday its time for me to start getting my body ready to make the perfect home for nine months.

I have already started my mediation on a night time, it really helps me focus my mind. Yesterday I went to accupuncture again, he just done some de-stress on me since we couldnt build my lining until I had shread this one.

Three weeks today and I will be pupo!

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