Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ready to go but now I'm worried

I had my basline this morning and everything looks clear, my lining is nice and thin, so now we start to build a fresh one for transfer.  The thing that has me worried is that my e2 came back at 80 and the normally want it under 70 to start the cycle.  Dr D said its ok, because my lining looked good so I'm going to go with it, from tonight we actually want it to start rising anyway so I'm trying not to.worry about it, but its hard.  I want everything to be perfect for this embryo, all of my bloodwork, my lining I want an environment that will be loving and accepting so if anything seems even slightly off it scares me.

I think I had blocked out how bad the terbutaline is and how horrible it makes me feel, I'm so out of it and have walked around like a zombie all day and then I am shaking like crazy. Its going to be a long two weeks, but it'll be worth it.

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