Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Dream

On Friday night I had a dream that my nana came to me to tell me this FET would bring us a little boy, I didn't feel like I was completely sleeping when this happened I was more in and out of sleep.  My Nana died 12 years ago and the hubby never met her, I will occasionally have dreams that I am at her and my Granddad's house and she is there but this was different, it's not like she was in my dream, she had actually came to me to tell me something.   I hope she is right, I have a great sense of calm since I woke on Saturday and any negative feelings about this cycle have gone.
This is gong to be the one, that little guy on ice is the one which will come home with us.

The side effects don't seem as bad now as they did a few days ago, once I get over the first couple of days of terbutaline I start to get used to it again, I mean the shaking is annoying but it's not uncontrollable all of the time like it was the first time.  AF seems like it is finally letting up which is good, because I need that lining to grow.

I wish I could roll time forward to get to transfer, it feels like everything is going so slowly and all I want is to get this frosty inside of me where it belongs.

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