Thursday, May 22, 2014

We have meds

On Monday we collected all of my meds for this FET, it really is crazy how many drugs I will be taking in all different places!

When I was starting out with infertility treatments I always tried to figure out from message boards and blogs what other people were taking so I will break it down here.
My timeline is starting bcp May 18th then lupron May 26th, hopeful transfer June 24th so right around a month.

Lupron - 10 units daily, going to 5 units
Estradiol Viate 2x week staring at 0.2ml usually going up to 0.35 ml
Endometrim - 4x day (closer to transfer)
Folic acid - 1 mg daily
Prednisone - 10mg daily
Heparin - 5000 units 2x day
Terbutaline - 5mg 3x day
Viagra suppositories - 25mg 4x day
Bcp - daily
Cipro - 500mg daily from 5 day before transfer

I have also started taking another pill because by cd3 blood work came back showing my tsh was a little high, we want that at least under 3. There is debate amongst medical professionals right now as to the number tsh should be at for IVF with some belief it should be below 2.5 so hopefully this tiny little pill will fix that.
Another pill I am taking is metmorfin, this helps control insulin levels but could help egg quality, I have been warned the side effects are ugly so I have to start it slow, 500 mg this week, 1000mg next week and up to 1500mg, if I can handle it, so far I'm doing good.

Finally I take co-q10 200mg daily and my prenatal vitamain.

I'm sure if you pick me up in a couple of weeks and shake me I will rattle.

Only our more days until we get this show on the road, I know there is nothing I can really do to make it work but I am determined it will work, I am done with treatments and dissapointment I am ready for success and diapers!

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