Monday, May 12, 2014

The plan

While we are putting our final frosty back in June we know there is a good chance it won't work so we are working on a plan for a fresh cycle which we will hopefully do in September.

1. Tomorrow I will redo my CD3 blood work
2. The hubby and I had karyotyping blood work done last week, we want to see if either of us have a balanced translocation, I will explain more if we do but hopefully this is the last time I mention it.
3. I will lose weight, there is some belief that egg quality can be effected by egg quality and sugar and insulin levels, in the past year of cycling I have gained about 20 lbs. Part of the weight loss is also just to make me happy again.
4. I will start metmorfin, this also helps regulate sugar and insulin levels and there are some studies that think even for people who don't have insulin resistance or pcos metmorfin can still help imporove egg quality.
5. Have an appointment with Dr Kwak-Kim in Chicago, this is the big one! Dr KK is a reprodictive immunologist .(good link explaining what an RI is). While there is debate over what an RI does and there are only five in the country, we think we could benefit from seeing one and were lucky enough to get an appointment at the end of July.
6. Taking cq10 and eleminating chemicals and some food after reading the book 'it starts with the egg'
7. Continuing accupuncture but focusing on egg quality and also sending the hubby to try and help with sperm quality.

I would love all of this to be a waste of time because we get pregnant in June but if we don't at least we are doing everything we can for the next cycle.

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