Sunday, May 18, 2014

The good news

In my last post I talked about how this week has brought good news, even though I am still in a little bit of a funk I want to concentrate on the good stuff, so here it is.
We got our karyotyping blood work back and it was all normal, this is a huge relief because it is one less thing to worry about if we have to do another fresh cycle - it also gives me a little more hope for our final frosty.
We also found out that one of the new drugs I need to use, endometrium which would have cost over $700 is going to be covered by insurance, we spend so much money on treatments that any money we can save is a very big deal.
Finally we got our calendar, this has actually left me with a mixed bag of emotions since we will be using our last frosty and there is nothing left after that, with each cycle I have always known we had backup if this one didn't work, this time there is nothing.  I always get excited when I get a calendar, it is the chance to have the baby we want so bad, so while I am scared out of my mind I do have butterflies of excitement every time I look at it or think about the fact next month I will be PUPO.

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